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Publication Date: Feb. 20, 2014, 2:47 p.m.

Believe in you activities

“If you can make someone happy, do it; the world needs more of it.”


Believe In You is something more than a blog in which you can find material for self-improvement and personal development… Behind this idea lies a series of activities whose aim is to put what its name suggests into action; making more and more people believe in themselves and realize their dreams! Besides, the reason I created this “product”, if we could call it so, is that as a self-development coach, I would like to share with you, not only as much as I can but, in as many ways as I can, everything I know about how to be in charge of our own happiness.


To be more specific, Believe In You activities are connected to subjects such as positive thinking, self-confidence, self-appreciation, setting goals, time management, winner’s attitude and job search, and include:


1) Free seminars


In recent years there has been a heavy atmosphere in our country. Realising that disappointment is on the rise all around me, I dreamed of organizing free seminars for people in order to introduce as many as possible, of those who are willing, to a positive way of thinking and living. In 2013, together with the voluntary work offered by a group of people who believed in this idea, I realized this dream and completed the first round of free Believe In You seminars! This activity was successful and continues to date!


2) Workshops


Apart from organizing free seminars for large groups of people, workshops are also organized, in which much smaller groups (10-20 people) take part and whose aims are to offer more personalised help on the said matters. The workshops focus on the practical aspect and include workshop exercises, discussions and practical implementation of concepts. They are usually three-hour seminars and they may be one-offs or part of a series.


3) One-to-one counseling sessions


Apart from matters presented in the seminars, there is also the possibility for even more personal help in matters which concern you through one-to-one meetings. The meetings are held in order to find solutions to matters which either prevent you from thinking positively, or become an obstacle in your effort to realize your goals; the total number of hours depends on the individual’s needs. During these sessions coaching techniques are used and dialogue based on the method of maieutics and the Socratic dialectic, which help every person draw their own conclusions about themselves and make the best decisions for themselves.


Translation: Panayiota Vlahopoulou

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    Believe In You is a concept in which I deeply and truly believe. As a personal development consultant I created this blog to share what little and big secrets I know to make your life happier and to help you chase your dreams. We will have an open communication through the articles I publish, your comments and e mails and of course the Believe In You activities. I will be glad to stand beside you in your constant effort to improve your personal and professional life.


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