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I'm Evi Xyrafa and I welcome you to the Believe In You blog! I am a personal development consultant and HR, Communication and Entrepreneurship trainer. Personal development is my passion! I would like to share with you all the techniques that help someone grow stronger, believe in themselves and chase their dream!


I created this blog so that I can have more direct communication with you. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to share anything that concerns you, anything you feel that stands in the way of living your dreams. I in turn pledge to try to provide solutions, always through scientific and documented methods and techniques.


I believe that your mind is the most powerful weapon you have at your disposal and the only thing you have to do is use it! Believe In You aspires to do exactly what its name says, to convince people to believe in their abilities and successfully cope with anything that concerns them.


In the contents of Believe in You, you will find articles and advice that will inspire you! Also this is where you can be informed about upcoming activities of Believe In You for personal development and you will find material and videos from seminars and other events in which I participate. For anything that concerns you, you can contact me directly via email.


So, Believe in You and we will be in touch!

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    Believe In You is a concept in which I deeply and truly believe. As a personal development consultant I created this blog to share what little and big secrets I know to make your life happier and to help you chase your dreams. We will have an open communication through the articles I publish, your comments and e mails and of course the Believe In You activities. I will be glad to stand beside you in your constant effort to improve your personal and professional life.


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